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Magento, Joomla, Prestashop, Wordpress... yes, but our own advanced ecommerce platform is the top!

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Our main interest is that you sell as much as possible, on an on-going basis.
Only then our work will be repaid.
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Advanced Services

Here is a brief overview of the main services we offer.
Google Certified Partner

  • Pay per Click: We handle all kinds of AdWords campaigns, both search and display. We can segment the audience and target people with similar interests to those of your visitors.
  • Our shop is ready for remarketing campaigns on the AdWords and AdRoll networks. This means that you will be able to get precise groups of former visitors back on your website: for example, you might want to display your ads to people who added a product to the cart but have not bought it yet, to encourage them to complete their purchase. The conversion rate is truly remarkable!

Email marketing is the most effective and economical way to generate conversions. We provide you with an advanced and limitless email marketing platform, which takes into account elements such as the pages your customers visited, their previous purchases, what they added to the cart, etc.
A targeted and personalised e-mail has a high probability of generating a conversion.

  • The entire structure is SEO-friendly, i.e. organised to be indexed correctly by search engines and promoted to the top positions in their results.
  • Online Branding, Brand Monitoring: Monitoring and increasing your brand's positions in the search engine result pages.
  • Database Building and Lead Generation: Generating lists of highly qualified and motivated contacts, based on the results offered by the search engine; expanding a marketing database to initiate additional activities such as campaigns targeted to areas with the greatest concentration of your customers.

  • You can advise your customers to purchase, in a single click, not only the product they are viewing but also other related products (a bundle).
  • If the system does not find a bundle, it automatically suggests items that are commonly purchased alongside the item itself.
  • The system also indicates if the product has accessories for sale, allowing users to buy everything they need easily.
  • If there are variations on the same model or superior versions of an item, this is also signalled with dedicated photos and prices.

If active, the referral system allows a user to generate custom links and earn a small percentage of other customers' purchases based on those links. The system generates spontaneous link-building that amply pays for the initial investment. In fact, you only pay for the clicks that generate an actual monetary conversion, while usually you would pay for each click that brings a visit to the website.
In addition to this, users can invite their friends and earn a bonus for their friends' first purchase. This bonus must then be spent in your eshop.
By the same principle, we can know if a link we added to forums, blogs, social profiles, etc. generated any purchases.

All the product, catalogue and thank you pages are accompanied by customised social buttons. Users will be able to share an interesting product or their most recent purchase.
Social proof is a factor that should not be underestimated. Users are more likely to buy from a shop used by one of their friends - often, they even buy the same things!
In addition to the social buttons, users with a Facebook account will be able to comment on each product.

We get back in touch with all users who make a purchase about two weeks after delivery and ask them to review the product(s). The power of community is impressive: each comment will increase the public level of confidence in your shop, and guide visitors towards more informed purchases.
In addition, the ratings on the product pages have a positive influence on the search engine results pages, driving up a website's position at the expense of those who do not use this technique.
You will have the opportunity to reply to each rating and you will always have the option to delete offensive comments.

We can track an individual user's visited pages, purchase history and internal searches, and contact them with targeted offers. In addition, the integrated chat service available on all pages of the shop allows customer interaction on any given page.

Often, when we visit a new shop, we add some products to our cart and then postpone the actual purchase, eventually forgetting about them completely.
This service allows us to email all users who added a product to their cart in the previous 48 hours, and ask them if they experienced any problems with their purchase. This technique works well to get prospective customers back onto the website and has a very high conversion rate.

You can decide to give significant discounts to customers whose cart value exceeds a specified amount. Usually, the thresholds are set slightly above the average order value, to entice users to make more substantial purchases.
The discount option is placed in a strategic position and shown at the most appropriate moment.
Similarly, you could offer free delivery on certain items (or when the total cart value reaches a given amount), or promote 2-for-1 offers.

Get in touch with our team.

OThe services we offer do not end here: every day we create something new for our customers. We will be happy to discuss this further with you.

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You can automatically change the prices of your products based on those of the competition, setting your own thresholds. This will allow you to optimise your profit margins.

  • We do still-life studio photography, fashion shoots (with or without a model, of both outer and inner clothing layers), interiors, furnishings, housing, jewellery and art.
  • Photo Business View: 360-degree panoramic photography.
  • HD videos with professional audio and movie-like editing.
  • Visual FX, Green Screen, Rendering by cinema professionals.

  • We can publish your ecommerce products on all price comparison websites and know how many orders they generate. You can also choose your own criteria for reducing the number of products to be published.
  • Do you also sell on Ebay and Amazon? With Nukecommerce, you can easily upload all the products you want to both platforms.

In addition to specifying each product's brand and available models, you can determine other features of your products and tag them accordingly. Each tag generates an SEO-optimised page that can be indexed by the search engines. Users can view articles belonging to different categories on a single page and create their own product combinations.

The shop can be integrated with any programme and carrier: you can create your shipping labels with a single click, without having to enter the data manually and fill in a separate label for each parcel.
You can monitor the status of all shipments directly from your site.
In addition, once a shipment is delivered, you can automatically begin the countdown for online returns as well as all other procedures, such as the automatic generation of an invoice / receipt.

One factor that increases conversion rates and customer retention is the knowledge of shipping costs before the start of the checkout process.

One of the elements that might influence a customer's choice of your service, rather than that of a competitor, is your ability to reassure him or her about your post-sales policies.
With our platform, users will be able to inform you online of their desire to return the item (within the allotted time period): you will be notified in real time and will be able to handle every step clearly and easily.
Many customers who wish to return an item are not interested in being repaid, but in receiving credit to spend on a different order. This will again be a completely automated process.

You will be connected to a telephone switchboard with customisable waiting queues, a phone number from a country of your choice, and software to answer calls from your computer. We can activate multiple phone numbers in different cities / countries, or deal with calls and orders for you

Creating custom pages or blogs integrated with the shop will always be possible, thanks to a simple HTML interface.

The availability of a product will depend on different criteria, one of which will be their presence in your warehouse. The presence or absence of a product can be dealt with in real-time via management software (where applicable).

We manage universal discount codes and codes with category restrictions, deadlines or minimum thresholds. We also manage discount codes for each customer, in order to effectively target specific audience segments.

Any type of payment can be integrated in our shop: from Paypal to Bitcoin to EPOS.

Once they have made their first purchase, customers will not need to re-enter their details to order again: they will automatically be directed to a page with the forms already filled in for them and will only need to click a button to complete their orders.
Ecommerce dropout rates are particularly high when users are required to fill in a form: our system has virtually nonexistent dropout rates.


Our 15 years of experience in this industry will be critical when implementing an effective system for you. How much of the budget to invest in advertising, and where? How to respond to customers in the social network era? How to convert a visitor into a customer? There could be hundreds of questions and even more answers: together, we will choose the most appropriate route for your business.


All our ecommerce websites are responsive, adapting their appearance to the device used by each customer. Images and colours are customised, as are the 'special features' that will be required for your business.

User interface

Years of study and experience in the field have led us to design a winning user interface. In a few seconds, anyone will be able to place an order and you will never lose any customers.


Our programmers can meet all of your needs. We can import data from your previous ecommerce website; you can upload new products the way you want; you can even make special offers based on custom criteria.
The entire ecommerce platform is SEO-optimised, so that your website will rise quickly to the top positions in the search engine result pages. The website will also be structured according to, communicating to Google the exact content of the page to be indexed.

For example, if the product has been reviewed, Google will activate the product's rich snippets and display star ratings and prices directly in the search results which will attract many more visitors than usual.


SEM: save budget and increase orders. It is pointless to have a million visitors a day if they are not interested in what you sell or if they leave without signing up to your offers. Social Marketing: nowadays, no company can avoid social networks. Visitors will perceive you as more trustworthy if they can read your public answers to their requests. Our communication experts can manage this aspect in the best way and greatly strengthen your social visibility. Blog/Videos: to educate your customers, so that they can make informed purchases. Videos attract more attention than simple text and lead to an increase in purchases. Reciprocity: This is one of the most powerful social levers. Once you establish it with your customers, you will see clear results. Landing pages that facilitate conversion rates, copywriting, advanced email marketing, viral content... Can you think of anything else? We can, but we do not want to bore you with too many details. If you are interested in our services, request a meeting with our consultant: it's free!

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The first requirement to work in our team is a deep love of this job.
Only those who deeply love what we do can create something worthwhile and constantly keep up-to-date.
In turn, this has a positive effect on all of our customers. Not only will you receive a rapid and satisfying service, you will also be seen as our partner in creating, once again, something extraordinary.
For us, substance prevails over formality. We want you to think of us as those people who gave you some of your time and oxygen back, so you can enjoy your life a little more.

Take back your time!

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Reach millions of real customers.

Worldwide Sales

We can translate your entire ecommerce store professionally in all major languages ... or we can get Google to do it!
The cost of delivery is always visible and displayed in real-time according to the products and delivery destination.

Safe and Fast

For our ecommerce platform to be activated, the only requirement is that your domain is hosted on our servers, which are located all over the world and updated daily to ensure maximum speed.
The cost of the platform is ZERO: we only ask for a percentage of the sales and services you request.
We constantly strive to maximise your business.


1 / Gg
  • MS-SQL
  • Unlimited Space
  • Ecommerce
  • Email
  • 24/7 Support


/ of Sales
  • Comparison Websites
  • Product Tags
  • Automatic Returns
  • Social
  • Community
  • 1-Click Order
  • Integrated Payments
  • Real-time Shipping Costs


/ of Sales
  • Competitor Monitoring
  • Shipping Control
  • AdWords/Facebook Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Cross- and Up-selling
  • Promotional Products
  • Discount Codes
  • Content Management


/ of Sales
  • Photos and Videos
  • Web Marketing
  • Referral / Click-Tracking
  • Social Page Management
  • Call Centre
  • Stock Management
  • CRM
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery

Do you already have an ecommerce website?

Since you already have a customer base, we can apply a lower percentage to sales.

If your business margins are small but you sell products with high market penetration, the percentages are significantly reduced.

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